Jaime Embry

President and CEO

Jaime Embry had his first job at the age of 6. He and his brother both worked for their single mother at her second part-time job. His responsibilities were to crawl and sweep under the desks, pick up staples ahead of the person vacuuming, push chairs in, and empty the trash. Jaime developed his work ethics and love of being an entrepreneur early from his mother whose favorite saying was “need more will make you do more.” Jaime’s family has always owned a cleaning and he says he has cleaned everything including office buildings, school buildings, hospitals, industrial kitchens, and clean rooms.  

He has worked with Service Master, as a custodian for the Board of Education, and as Assistant Manager for Housekeeping Services at Cedar Oaks and worked on All al areas of the production line for Proctor and Gamble’s Sundor Brands.

Jaime’s motto is “if it doesn’t exist, create it!” He has demonstrated his belief in it over and over during his career where he has earned the reputation as a solutions strategist.  He believes in learning the entire process from the inside. He feels it gives him the greatest understanding and appreciation for each person working in each area, a greater understanding of what each area needs to fulfill its function, and the ability to identify the bottlenecks with the processes. He has provided solutions that have saved both time and money and resulted in more positive outcomes for the companies he has worked for. In 1994 he was hired as a Network Engineer for Cisco Systems and served as the Company’s first Network Specialist. He created two new departments and was promoted three times within his first year.

He created a New SOP with the company’s largest client, Merrill Lynch, and Became the First Merrill Lynch Manager. In that capacity he created a New department to Service Merrill Lynch which utilized new employees with different, less expensive skill sets. Created a new Reporting and tracking system for the Merrill Team making them a stand-alone unit. All things for Merrill Lynch (pick-ups, deliveries, presentations, etc.) coordinated through and by Merrill team. This gave the company a more proficient use of allocated equipment, minimized losses, and freed up Senior Tech to perform more high-level work. This resulted in a higher level of efficiency ultimately saving the Company over $750,000.

He also created a new Department of Engineering Sales and became the first manager of the company’s first Engineering Services. While performing jobs as Network Specialist for Small and Midsize Networks, he would assess a client’s site and make suggestions for their engineers to do a full workup. He built on relationships he had with previous engineering companies and brought what he learned to his current employer. This Developed into a whole new revenue stream for the company and a new department. They serviced many clients, Siemen, Merril Lynch, and General Electric to name a few.

He also worked as an Adjunct Instructor for Union County College Plainfield Teaching Computers from 2003-2005. During his time with UCC he created a feeder program for them utilizing the community resource by coordinating with community leaders, Pastors, and the Workforce Development office.

Additionally, he created recruitment and enrollment campaigns, tracking systems to acquire new enrollees, along with effective means to reach the growing Hispanic community enrolling the into ESL courses. Worked with Community GED programs. He utilized college work programs to obtain School tuition credit and stipends for assistants. He created opportunities to teach basic computers and internet navigation, a tutor program, and developed a program to aid in resume writing.

He has owned his own businesses since 1980 in addition to working full time regular jobs. He has owned Computer Consulting Co. -A+, Networking and taught Basic Computer from Sept.2001 – 2006.  In 2007 he became a licensed insurance agency and owner of his own agency which he still runs today. As an entrepreneur he feels part of his success is because he is not afraid to learn, be wrong, and adjust on the fly.

Education and Training 

  • Graduated HS 1986
  • Shaw University- Business Management /SpaceProgram , 1986-88 
  • The Training Center- Obtained Black Seal Boiler License –Low Pressure, 1988
  • Network Engineer/ Cisco Systems Network Professional, 1993-2000
  • PcAge- MCSE,CNA,CCNP,A+, 93-2000
  • XINCON- LINUX/UNIX, 93-2000