Creating Safe Spaces to Live, Learn & Work

The Premier Source, through strategic partnerships, provides the most comprehensive and complete service for mitigating the Coronavirus. Our approach is centered on our Core belief that “If you control your environment you can control the virus.”

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Testing Your Environment

We test your environment (touch points, air, and water) for the presence of the Covid-19 virus and provide results within as little as 60 minutes).

Killing the Virus

If your environment tests positive for the Covid-19, we mitigating the virus using our exclusive products that are FDA approved and proven to kill the virus on contact.

Mitigating Future Infections

Once the virus has been eliminated in your environment, we deploy technologies, techniques, and exclusive antimicrobial solutions to mitigate future infections.

Training and Certifying Staff

To help you maintain your safe environment, we train and certify your staff in the latest cleaning and disinfecting processes consistent with CDC guidelines.

Providing Supplies and Equipment

Before we leave, we make sure you have what is necessary to keep your environment safe. We will stock your establishment with our cleaning and disinfecting supplies and equipment.

Keeping Your Space Safe

The key to keeping your environment safe is the ability to manage who enters and how they enter. We can supply you with the equipment and training or provide the services ourselves to help you monitor and manage those who enter your facility.